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Data Tracker for Real Estate

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of real estate rental units and investments ? Look no further then Data Tracker for Real Estate. Data Tracker is an easy to use database product that includes an integrated server. The system can effortlessly track and report rental payment history and next rent due; tenant contact information; property type, condition, value, features and age; interior and exterior pictures; utility, insurance, mortgage and maintenance costs; and more more. Our customers use the software to track houses, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, strip malls, warehouses, mobile homes, office buildings, vacant land and parking lots. And since you can easily customize the fields to suit your needs, the software will work for any type of real estate.


    Easy to use and learn software design for quick data entry.
  • Multiple file support - create as many databases as you need and set each one up differently depending on collection type.
  • Password protection for your files.
  • Detailed online software manual and help file.
  • Keep track of property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage space, mortgage information, insurance, rental type, cost, value, date purchased, property tax, utilities, rental email, features, rent received, maintenance cost, property address pictures and much more.
  • Sample fields include type, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, condominium, ownership, condition, rental type, cost, value, date purchased, rental charge, property tax, utilities, insurance cost, condo fee, mortgage, date built, rent received, maintenance costs, next rent due, insurance company, and renter email.
  • Renter and tenant tracking.
  • Area to log rent received.
  • Property maintenance and service cost tracking and reporting.
  • A large 100 item feature checklist for each property. Keep track of features such as air conditioning, views, swimming pools and much more.
  • PDF (or other format) map storage for record.
  • Generate reports showing rents received, next rent due, total maintenance and service costs, property cost and value and much more.
  • Over 25 customizable description fields.
  • Ability to customize field names and drop down menu options to suit your needs.
  • Fields may contain drop down menus, text, numeric data, dates and more.
  • Advanced multi-level drop down menu description fields that let you effortlessly categorize collection items.
  • Powerful search features that let you easily retrieve information from your database.
  • A large customizable feature checklist for each property.
  • A free form WYSIWYG rich text format notes area for each record.
  • Multiple image support - add up to 100 images for each animal.
  • Built-in image scanning features.
  • Fully customizable text reports - select any combination of description fields and generate a report in minutes.
  • Full color image reports, great for insurance record keeping.
  • Easily view and sort your data.
  • A photo album view where you can see property images side by side.
  • Impressive 3-dimenional graphs showing you how your inventory breaks down.

System Requirements

    5 Meg of Available Hard Disk Space