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mall kiosk Mall Kiosk JEWELRY, CELL-PHONE, PERFUME Business Opportunity

teak lumber for
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mall kiosk Mall Kiosk .Business Moving-to in-line store: 6 month old kiosk for ice cream or can be rearranged for any food kiosk . Self contained sink with 3 compartments + hand washing sinkIncludes hot water heater & grease trap ( could be used in any dry area) one fridge and one freezer perfectly housed under glass covered work station. Includes 10 pan gelato cabinet , TV display , topping station with 15 toppings and area for work with glass cover. The whole kiosk is built with high quality top of the line materials. The kiosk is fit together like Legos and can be assembled and disassembled like a Puzzle. Builded for over $65k. Very good opportunity to start your own business . TURN key Business . Great business opportunity .Customizable

This is only one example of the many types of kiosks on sale here-this item may be sold by now

This kiosk was custom build unique piece and it is a giant size
Price nonnegotiable. Sold as is !
Buying this business asset is a smart investment. It's like buying a pair of shoes, no one can win a game wearing a flip-flop, you need shoes that suits you so you can win. 
Business is a battle, don't lose the competition ! This kiosk will be your secret for your victory.

Use: Mall, Indoor
Condition: Very good condition.  And will be sold as is. Not liable for any damages and future expenses.
Business type:  Fine jewelry, accessory, sunglasses, watches, antiques, toys, arts, gifts, etc
Size:  full size is 22 feet by 10 feet, see second picture for detailed sizes. Three times more display space than regular kiosk, The more you display the more you can sale.
Color: Golden yellow body and red trimming, inside all fine white finish.
Payment: Paypal (Credit, Debit), Cash, Checks, No refund.
Shipment: After received all payment, you may pick up
Local Pick up: Near Forest Lawn, Buffalo, NY, 14209

detailed structures:
10 pieces for long side, all with four big drawers each, all fine finish inside and out..
4 pieces for short side (one can move as an entrance), all with two-door storage space.
4 corner towers
2 center islands + Brand board on the two center islands
10 Tracking Lights, no track, you will need an electrician to install a new track on the top.
 this price doesn't including shipping or other installation expenses

future installation cost may include, up to you: 
1. Glass man is a must: set up or change glasses of the counter, best estimate $500 glass + $200 work, finish in one day
2. Master Electrician is a must, connect all wires and tracking lights and survilion cams, best est. $400-$600, finish in 4 hrs
3. Lock Smith, maybe: Change all locks, best est: locks $500 work $500. If you wan to keep the old lock you may save some money on this
4. Paint, trimming  and detailing, depends, if you want to change color theme or make it perfect you may spend some money on it.
5.TV & Cam, optional: four TV on top of each corner $1000 can help attract attention and promote products, Cam System $350 for 8 Cams for security.
6. Counter top spinner and wall pieces $1000 optional but will help you display more and sell more
with this you will be able to triple your display and sales.
7. Cashier or card machine $300-500, printer $50, label printer $300-400,
8. Display models and setups 
These costs vary, range total $1500 for basic to run your business -$7500 for fancy attraction spot.

Mall business has some major costs you need to think of other than this kiosk.
1. Mall Lease: $12'000- $25'000 per year for a kiosk like this, this will be your major cost, depends on the mall and mall manager and term.
eg. some mall give you $500 per month for Jan- Oct if you are lucky, But $5000 for Nov and Dec.
some mall may give you a price by term, like $12000 for one year, $30000 for three years, paid monthly.
some mall business are not that good may cost you less, busy malls are somewhat costly but worth it.
My recommendation is go to a large high end luxury mall instead of a small dying mall, stay busy don't waste time on dead malls.
And also it is a little tricky for some people who never spoke to a mall leasing manager before. 
Think about it, for this kiosk, what you getting from the mall is just a piece of floor, how many empty floors are there in the mall? Plenty!
So, don't pay too much on mall rent, not worth it. And I am sure that any mall would love this kiosk.
2. One or Two employees: $80-$200 Per day, that is $28'000-$60'000
This is your biggest cost, compare to this, the cost of this kiosk is nothing.
3. Credit Card and phone service: $1500 per year
4. This kiosk depreciate $1000 per year, only cost you a price of a pizza per day, really cheap. So, don't bargain with me, you win or you loss, price nonnegotiable.

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